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: paul ryan -- paul wyrick is one of the ideological parties. back in 1980, he gave a speech about how they don't want more people voting. look at this amazing admission. >> thy want -- they want everybody to vote. i don't want everybody to vote. elections are not won by a majority of people. they never have been from the beginning of our country and they are not now. as a matter of fact, our leverage in the elections quite candidly goes up as the voting populous goes down. >> cenk: what happened over the last couple of years? all of the voter i.d. laws trying to kill early voting in different states including in florida and now really interesting admissions by republicans in florida. including the former florida party chair mr. greer. jim greer says "the republican party, the strategists consultants, they firmly believe that early voting is bad for republican party candidates. it's done for one reason. and one reason only. we've got to cut down on early voting because early voting is not good for us." nothing to
of paul ryan, pushing for scott walker, doing these things that are the kinds of things republicans need to do to draw the contrast with the president in the white house. lou: if i understand correctly, the status quo election will be a complete victory for both parties; is that correct? >> no, not at all. lou: just kidding. >> i know, i know. i think mitt romney was a good man, immediate i don't career -- mediocre candidate with a bad cam payment. you can't lay that on the rnc. lou: i've never seen an instance where the republican national committee was held responsible for a campaign, ever. great to see you both. the hair looks great there. >> thank you. lou: i understand it's the result -- >> oh, wow. >> i permly learned the -- personally learned the consequences of losing, lou. i lost the bet. lou: also the consequences that lead to doing good for a charity. thank you. >> thank you. lou: war producing heros and tragedies, too many to count, outpost in afghanistan, and detailed accurately by jake tapper in the new book "the outpost," ed henry gave me permission to talk with him tonigh
in the republican pond. there probably isn't enough room if for both him and marco rubio to run. paul ryan i think is a potential candidate in 2016 and then a number of others, bob mcdonald, the governor of virginia. if he finds something that's helpful to him to raise his profile. i think these guys are trying to get an idea of what the contributions would be like. what the field looks like. what kind of platform they could put together to appeal to the voters that mitt romney did not. obviously, mitt romney had a huge deficit with african-american voters, hispanic voters and women voters, so i think these potential candidates are trying to map it out. >> david corn, when george w. bush ran, he got such a quick surge in the polls that no one was able to stop him. is jeb bush that guy this time? is he the one that if he makes it clear he's running, others will decide not to? >> you know, i still wonder if two words come to mind. too soon. i mean, the george w. bush presidency is still not held in high esteem amongst many voters who still blame bush for the economic downturn at the end of his admin
for their health insurance. so we need to find ways to preserve these programs, not the paul ryan budget approach which at the end of the day would have jeopardized the program, made it too expensive for many seniors. we can find this. i do think there's a reasonable way for us to reduce the spending there without compromising the integrity of the program. >> do you favor raising the eligibility age for medicare from 65 to 67 over the next several years? >> let me tell you, i'm concerned about that. what is a person going to do who retires at age 63 or 64, and they don't have the benefit of medicaid or medicare coming away at age 65? they're on their own. if it means that they have to go out and try to find health insurance when they have a bad health record, it becomes impossible or way too expensive. i want to make sure there are no gaps in coverage for those who have retired, waiting for medicare to kick in. >> how confident are you, senator, we are going to see a deal before the december 31st deadline? >> i know we can do it. i absolutely know it. what we need to have is a commitment from spe
just did. you just called him a liar. >> they haven't shared the plan with the american people. paul ryan and the republicans in congress have passed twice now and last year -- excuse me, two years ago as well, a ten year plan for a budget that deals with the ten-year debt window, that deals with the deficits, that deals with entitlement reform. we have done that time and time again. it's the democrats, it's the democrats and this president that haven't passed a budget in over three and a half years. for us to be lectured as far as budgetary discipline, piers, by the democrats is absurdity. we're the only ones that passed a budget in this country for the past three and a half years. it's the democrats that violated the law and didn't do their job for the american people and it's the president that hasn't led this country and come up with a plan for the american people. jay carney might say hey, listen, we've got a plan and this is the plan. well then share the plan with the american people. then we can get somewhere in this country and we can actually tackle the spending and debt tha
invested in to be there. asked to be there. we need to take an honest look at medicare. i believe the paul ryan approach was not the right approach. i thought his idea of premium support would raise the cost of medicare is turned on many seniors. i think it was unworkable and did not support. some suggest raising the medicare retirement age. i have trouble with that. my trouble is in my family, i have an older brother who passed away a few years ago appeared when he retired, he had health insurance from his employer and then had a massive heart attack and surgery. they canceled his insurance. my very conservative republican brother, who had no use for a social program, started counting the days until he was eligible for medicare. that was the only place he could turn. what was at stake were all the savings he put together for his family. if anybody wants to talk about a later eligibility age for medicare, what i want to hear is the assurance and guarantee that people like my brother will have access to affordable health care insurance during any time. until i hear that, i am skeptical. i w
medicare. i don't know. let's see if they resurface paul ryan's voucher proposal. let's see if they resurface the bill that paul ryan proposed right after bush was re-elected. bush 43 was re-elected. when he went on a tour around privatizing social security and paul ryan was the first one to author that legislation. so let's see what they mean and i know democrats will never stand for breaking the guarantee. >> bill: that, in fact is what they mean by entitlement reform. senator dick durbin was over at the senator for american progress yesterday and he made it very, very clear that when the word entitlement reform is used or the phrase, there's one thing it should not include. here's senator durbin. >> i think we should take social security off the table for the current fiscal cliff and deficit discussion but be very honest about what we're going to achieve in the near term. i think we should create the equivalent of a simpson bowles commission for social security and give them eight months to a year, a directive
on solving the long-term problem. if people wanted to do that, they could have elected paul ryan they did. >> he did campaign on it, the tax base and -- >> greta: it's sort part of the job, leadership for all of them, economic stewardship of the country. i mean, it's a little bit part of the job. >> the whole job. that's what we're they're here to do. >> greta: i'm being sarcastic. >> that's what bill woodward said, that clinton got it done. he can't lose this negotiation after winning re-election. >> we have by washington standards a long time to nothing out. this next month will go by really slowly. >> greta: the problem is we do need tax code reform, both democrats and republicans, and they won't do that in the next month. they've known for a year and a half this problem would arise. that's where i go back, have we held their feet to the fire? they aren't going to solve the problem and have known about it and haven't done it. >> that's right. they'll put a structure in place to get it done early. >> greta: very good at that. >> there's no doubt there's republican crumbling i think on t
of this meeting? we understand paul ryan will be there as well. >> i think the president wants to strike a bipartisan note. romney no longer has to mullify the right wing of his paerd. he doesn't have strong feelings about much of anything at all. is it possible he could come out and bless what these business executives have been calling for, which is the president's balanced approach? anything's possible with mitt romney. and i think it very much makes sense for the president to extend an olive branch. you can say that -- >> but i thought mitt romney was -- hang on a second. i thought mitt romney was the one who proposed and espoused the notion of closing loopholes as the only way -- >> we know he's a flip-flopper. we don't have to -- >> that's true. >> he actually does -- it's easy to dump on him right now because he lost. but he got more than 60 million votes, you know. there are a number of people in this country who like mitt romney, voted for him. and if he endorsed a compromise, might be more willing to go along. >> bill, the discussions become a little dark around these issues. i
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equity. you have to ask beyond paul ryan, who received quite a bit of coverage regarding his ill-fitting suit or body fat. >> immediately sent him to the tailor to take in his suits. danny, is there a sense of why this is happening? is this just a general societal change? is it because there are more women out there? is there a bit of a hillary clinton effect? what's going on, do you think? >> i think there's some truth in all of that. a couple things we point out in the research is attitudes about women's place in society have been changing over the last few decades to the point now that relatively few americans, for example, view women as less emotionally suited for politics than they used to. but another big part of the change is simply the changes in the party polarization. that is, today in american politics is parties have ideologically moved apart. as voters have become more concerned with issues and ideological differences between the parties that has made the gender running for office less salient. for most voters it doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman. what matters
. >> paul ryan's going to stay on as chairman of the house budget committee even though there were term limits, he's got an exemption from that. >> yeah. >> what's his future? how does that look? >> i don't know. he's been very quiet so far on the fiscal cliff. presumably he'll have a lot to say about that. there's some reporting that has suggested that he's really pushing republicans not surprisingly on holding the line on serious reforms to entitlements. remember the ryan budget, two of the big areas it really went after were depending on the version were social security reform and medicare reform. and steve overmyer far it seems to be that's where he's headed. i'm waiting for ryan to say something to jump into this debate about revenue and whether he's going to hold the line there where a lot of republicans have been modifying their position. but so far he's been very quiet since the election's ended. i think he's trying to figure out his postelection role in the gop and maybe whether he's going to set himself up to run for president in 2016 or not. >> i suspect he's got a good futur
an alternative idea set other than what mitt romney and paul ryan were campaigning on, and by default it has become their opening negotiation position. >> stephanie: okay, you know what, you guys finish your argument with yourself, amongst yourselves and then come to the table. >> yeah. [applause] >> stephanie: let's go to stacey in florida. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi stace. [ singing ] good morning. i've been telling my people for years and years that the republicans think we're just a number to them. mitt romney said the 47%. it looked like it was some kind of surprise. i said i'm not surprised. this is what i've been telling you idiots for years. that's how he think about us. we're just a number. >> stephanie: right. >> caller: second thing, john mccain is mad because he let dummy beat him in texas for the presidency. then an educated black man from harvard beat him. he's taking it out on susan rice. john mccain and lindsay whatever his name is. >> stephanie: graham. >> like the cracker. >> caller: this thing for people then you wish bad things for people, sometimes it don'
, paul ryan. >>> the florida societyite at the heart that scandal -- socialite at the heart of that david petraeus scandal is speaking out. jill kellley hired an attorney. her lawyer wrote to the u.s. attorney aoffice in tampa -- u.s. attorney's office in tampa. >>> back here at home, overnight, a san francisco house fire was put out in the ingleside district. it started on the top floor of this home on capital avenue and lobo street around 10:30 last night. there were several people inside at the time, including children. the young girl had to be treated for smoke inhalation but no one else was hurt. >> also san francisco police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who slammed into two buses and a car before his car flipped over. now, this happened on russian avenue and prague street about 11:15. the driver reportedly ran a stop sign and smashed into a school bus, a muni bus and a car. the suspect's car even landed on its roof but he somehow climbed out and ran away before the police got there. none of the victims were hurt. >>> 8:16. one couple captures videos of two suspects threaten
of paul ryan and sits -- if you look at where he sits along -- >> interesting. >> and he's a former pollster. >> i'm not being critical of tom cole. >> i know you're not. having the guts but as a guy that abhors raising taxes, if we're going to raise taxes, i say we raise taxes after we get the other side agreeing they'll save medicare. that they'll save medicaid and social security. that they're going to cut discretionary spending. you know, i will pay more taxes and americans will pay more taxes but not just so they can cop out like so many governors do and not make tough cuts. >> i talked to really severe republicans in the south and alabama and arkansas and they say the same thing and say we're prepared to do that but not unless there's some significant cuts on the other side but they are. talking about the fact they really are -- they're prepared to raise revenue. >> if you give washington money is my opinion and give washington money with no strings attached they will not only spend that money. they will create new programs that will not only spend that money but spend additio
a mess was made of it by paul ryan's budget, where the actual future of medicare was in doubt with his premium support plan. we don't want to go near that. we want to make sure that medicare, at the end of the day, is a program that is solvent, and we can count on it for generations 20 come. >> so if i'm a republican lawmaker watching this interview i'm saying, okay, he basically has put nothing on the table that's an entitlement. so all this talk about democrat -- and this is talk by the way from you, you're the one who said, you know, we need to be honest on our side of the aisle, we need to make meaningful reforms in medicare and medicaid without compromising the integrity of the program. you and i talked about that not long ago. >> yes. >> if i'm listening to this and i'm a republican lawmaker i'm saying he's put nothing on the table in the short term. we're going to go over this fiscal cliff. >> we don't need to do that. the point i want to make is yes, entitlements need to be part of a long-term strategy but do it in a thoughtful way. we're down to four weeks here. i don't want t
at the white house. cnn has also learned mitt romney will meet with his former running mate congressman paul ryan of wisconsin. >>> to to politics now. today might be your lucky day. the obama administration is taking its tax fight to twitter asking you to speak out on the bush tax cuts using the hash tag my2k. that is the estimated amount in tax hikes the administration says a middle class family of four could face if the bush tax cuts expire on the middle class. but the white house isn't limiting its efforts to social media. president obama is heading to pennsylvania on friday where he'll make his pitch to extend existing tax breaks for families making $250,000 or less. joining me now cnn contributor granderson and republican strategist ron bonjean. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning, carol. >> minutes ago we heard from eric cantor, part of the gop leadership. he was talking about avoiding the fiscal cliff and he said what republicans want on the table, what must be on the table, medicare and medicaid. denot mention social security. so, l.z., i guess i just want your
to have lunch with the president. before he does that, he will be meeting with his old running mate, paul ryan, who is in the midst of all of these fiscal cliff negotiations. so it is a busy time in washington right now. and mitt romney will be coming right into the thick of all of this. but, you know, a lot of this is happening just as it seems the romney folks and people in romney world are trying to resuscitate mitt romney's image somewhat. you see stu stevens taking out an op-ed in the washington post just today, brooke, talking about how losing is just losing, and that it is not a mandate to throw out every idea that this candidate expressed during the course of the campaign, and it is not an excuse to show what he called disrespect for what he calls a good man. so we're seeing a lot of mitt romney, not just from the former candidate, but from people around him as well. and so it is going to be interesting to watch all of that tomorrow. >> obviously we would love to be a fly on the wall in the room. we will not be there. but during his first post election press conference, the presid
years on deficit reduction. let's find a way to do it that does not reach the extreme of the paul ryan budget which created premium supports, which literally foreclosed opportunities for seniors to have medicare coverage when they needed it the most. let me also add to my colleague's comments the notion about extend the eligibility age for medicare is one we ought to think about long and hard. to think that a person would retire at the age of 64 or 65 and not have medicare coverage until 67 raises the obvious question. these people in their mid-60's, probably with a health history, will find it difficult to buy health insurance on the open market or afford whatever is available. i want to make sure there are no gaps in coverage for those who need it the most: retired americans who have a health history and canned can't find affordable health insurance. so before we scwurch at the notion of increasing the eligibility age for medicare, let us make certain that there are insurance exchanges, good competition, and aaffordable health care available for those seniors. that should be part of
meeting with paul ryan. before the president's comments, house speaker john boehner and other republicans met with reporters saying they're willing to consider new sources of revenue as a solution to avoiding the fiscal cliff but will not consider raising marginal tax rates. this is about 10 minutes. >> good morning, everyone. in going over the fiscal cliff -- going over the fiscal cliff will hurt our economy and hurt job creation in our country. republicans are committed to continuing to work with the president to come to an agreement to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. it's one reason why we believe that we put revenue on the table, as long as it's accompanied by serious spending cuts to avert this crisis. we believe that this fits the president's request for a balanced approach to this issue. and we're going to continue to work with the president to try to resolve this in a way that is fair for the american people. we all know that we've had the spending crisis coming at us like a fraggete train. and it has to be dealt with. and in order to try to come to an agreement, republicans are
or like newt gingrich in 1990, or nationally, perhaps, paul ryan comes to mind now. so i remember back in that time and i can -- this was off the record at the time, i know i can say it now because he said something like this publicly but newt gingrich in 19 -- something in the early 90 -- in early 1990, maybe late 1989, said to me that actually it wouldn't be such a bad thing if george h.w. bush was defeated in 1992 because he and his cohorts in the house, republican caucus, could ride a big wave of wins in the 1994 mid terms if history was any judge, which of course they went on to do. i don't think even then he really thought he could get the majority but he knew he could get a big minority and in the meantime get bob mica the house leader. when you take that story about george bush losing in 1992, together with bob byrd predicting that george h.w. bush wouldn't win in 1992, you really understand just what a risk george h.w. bush took and what a statesman i think he was. and that, i will come, not to the present but with another anecdote midway in between. i covered for "the wall st
Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)